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PT. PIM Pharmaceuticals is one of the oldest and largest pharmaceutical company in Indonesia. Established in 1934 by a German, Harm Moed Helmig, in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia.

Our  mission is to ensure that end users will get high quality medicine sourced from the best ingredients and processed with the latest technology in the market.

PT. PIM Pharmaceuticals has now obtained certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice as well as implementing the ISO 9001:2008 management system. To ensure the products rolled out of the factory are kept in the highest standard possible.

Along with time the company’s target market gradually changed. In 1993 the market segmentation of PT. PIM was no longer 80% for the government, instead for the free market. Supplies to the government only take up around 20% of the company’s overall markets. 

In 2011 the name of the company has been changed to PT. PIM Pharmaceuticals.Throughout its years of existence, PT. PIM Pharmaceuticals has advanced together with technology, skills as well as knowledge. Since 1994 the company has been certified by GMP and ISO:9002 in 2000. Nowadays, PT. PIM is certified with the the latest ISO:9001 and GMP certifications.

85th Anniversary