PIM Pharmaceuticals

One of the oldest and largest pharmaceutical company in Indonesia.

PT PIM Pharmaceuticals

PIM Pharmaceuticals was first established in 1934 by a German named Harm Moed Helmig, in Surabaya, Indonesia. PIM Pharmaceuticals is committed to ensure that high quality products can reach the hands of its consumers. Ensuring that the best ingredients are sourced and processed using the latest technologies

PIM Pharmaceuticals consistently updates its technologies to maintain and improve the quality and hygiene of each product. Every process is carried out by minimizing contacts with human. PIM Pharmaceuticals is one of the first 5 corporates in Indonesia that is Halal certified.


PIM Pharmaceuticals' Philosophy

PT Pim Pharmaceuticals is one of the oldest and largest pharmaceutical company in Indonesia. Established in 1934 by a German, Harm Moed Helmig, in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia.

Our Mission is to ensure that end users will get high quality medicine sourced from the best ingredients and processed with the latest technology in the market.

7 Gears Wheel

The wheel symbolizes repetition and eternity. The amount 7 on the gear is called "pitu" in Javanese, an abbreviation of the word "pitulangan" which means help. It represents how PIM Pharmaceuticals' products had always been there, providing assistance and health solutions since 1934.


abbreviates from "Pharmasi Industri Masyarakat" (Society's Pharmaceutical Industry), born from the spirit to care and being attentive to the society. "From the society and for the society" The soaring letter "P" shields the letters "I" and "M", symbolizing how PIM Pharmaceuticals never stop in providing the best health protection for the society, wherever they are.


The circle inside wheel represents stability, ensuring all sectors in each process, from A to Z, function in balance, so that we never stop and continue moving forward

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PIM Pharmaceuticals Certification


Halal certified by The Council of Indonesian Ulama


Meets the standard of Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice.


Quality management of drugs complies to the standard published by International Organization for Standardization.

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